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Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit £19.95 + p&p



Recommended by Mums & Dads world-wide.

"I strongly recommend the kit to all parents who are struggling with ditching the dummy. It’s perfect. I still can’t believe it, to be honest, even as I’m writing this." Read the full review.


The Enchanted Dummy Bag

king and queen dummy fairy

A "Colour Me In" Queen / King Picture

letter from the queen of the dummy fairies dummy fairy

A Letter from the King / Queen

dummy certificate of generosity boy dummy fairy

A Certificate of Achievement

fairy dust magic spell dummy fairy Stop using a dummy

Fairy Dust and a Magic Spell


Would you like to be dummy-free, in less than a week?

You've come to the right place. The Dummy Fairy Workshop was created to help you and your child find the fun in the task you're about to face. Sometimes, all it takes is a few Magical Bits 'n' Bobs for the child and a sprinkle of encouragement for the parents, in order for each of you to have the confidence to take this milestone journey together.

We've done all the creative stuff, so you can simply take a deep breath, jump on board and enjoy the ride.

Simply personalise your kit and you'll be dummy-free within the week!

what's in the magical bits 'n' bobs kitditch the dummy

The Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit is split into two parts:

The Kiddie's Kit : The Magic begins the moment the child opens their parcel.


Get rid of your child's dummy bag dummy fairy


The Parents' Kit : contains everything you need to help you sprout your wings on Dummy Day.


Personalise and purchase your kit.


It's Fun. It's Easy. It's Magical.

Dummy Fairy   It's Time to call the Dummy Fairy

Does your child have another comforter that needs a new home?

The Dummy Fairy Workshop also caters for The Pacifier or Binky Fairy, The Muslin Fairy, The Blanket Fairy & The Teddy Fairy. Whatever your child relies on as a comforter, we have a kit to suit your needs.

At what age should my child ditch the dummy?

Only you can make that decision for your child. I was worried that my son was too young to understand the process. Nathaniel was 2 years and 8 months old when we made the decision to "ditch the dummy". His speech was being affected and his language was limited, but he fully comprehended the story of The Dummy Fairy.

We were recently reviewed in a blog by a mother with twins aged 23 months. Both girls grasped the concept! You're the best judge when it comes to your child. Feel free to email me if you would like more information.