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Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit £19.95 + p&p


The Enchanted Dummy Bag

Get rid of your child's dummy bag dummy fairy


Letter of Invitation & Thank You Letter

letter from the queen of the dummy fairies dummy fairy

Fairy Dust & Magic Spell

fairy dust magic spell dummy fairy Stop using a dummy


A Reply Card to post back to The Queen.

reply card to the dummy fairy

Bright Ribbon for Certificate

ribbon certificate dummy fairy big boy big girl ditch the dummy

Certificate of Generosity

dummy certificate of generosity boy dummy fairy

A Colour Me In Picture of The King or Queen of the Dummy Fairies

king and queen dummy fairy


personalise your dummy weaning kit   it's unique  no two ktis are the same


Please complete the below form so that our fairies can personalise your Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit.

Now... let's use our imagination and have some fun!



Parent's Personal Details

Full Name

Home Address

Email Address

Daytime Contact (+ area code)


Child's Personal Details

Child's Full Name

What comforter does your child currently use?

If your child's comforter is not listed, please elaborate below.

Nickname of comforter? ie, Dummy, Dum Dum, Pacifier, Muzzy, Blankie etc


Does your child has a favourite dummy / comforter? We can make special mention of it.

If yes, please describe, ie the blue one, the one with the lion on it.


Family Details

What does the child call you, the parents? eg Mummy / Daddy, Mum / Dad etc

Please include both parents names unless you are a single parent family.

Names of any siblings?

Names of any pets?

Does your child have a special toy? eg teddy / dolly?


The Enchanted Dummy Bag

Which colour Dummy Bag would your child like?

Would you like to include a photo of your child on his / her certificate?

Please click here to email a photo for inclusion.


Collection Point

Think of somewhere fun for your child to hang The Enchanted Dummy Bag on Dummy Day.

ie, on a tree branch, inside the play house, door handle, end of the child's bed.



As the kit is made to order for your child, we allow 5 working days to create & dispatch your kit. We do endeavour to create and dispatch the kit within 48 hours.

Please select method of postage.

United Kingdom


Outside the United Kingdom

Please choose from ONE of the below World Zones. Click here for a detailed list of Zones & Postal Charges.


World Zone 1 North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia. 

World Zone 2 Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Fiji and surrounding islands.   


Buy your Dummy Fairy Kit here

That's it. You're nearly done! Anything else you'd like us to know before you complete the form?


Please check over the form carefully. Once the kit is created we are unable to accommodate changes. When you are satisfied, please click SUBMIT. Your details will be emailed to our workshop and you will be directed to our Shop page to make payment. Your kit will be created once payment has cleared. Thank you for your order.


Payment via Paypal.