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my son got rid of his dummy, help your child get rid of their dummy

The dummies had to go!

The UK's favourite Supernanny Jo Frost has always championed the "dummy fairy" technique. I believed however that the process lacked a certain sparkle. I wanted to make it more magical for my son. I felt that if Nate thought it was his idea to give his dummies away, he'd be more inclined to see the process through. Nate had over a dozen dummies, scattered all over the house. He was never without one. His speech development concerned me and after gentle encouragement from our family dentist, I knew it was time to take the plunge.

We filmed the below video merely as a keepsake for Nate. Had I known I'd be using it as a promotional tool for a future business, well... I may have brushed my hair, put on a little makeup and asked my husband to wear more than a dressing gown. I'm happy to share it nevertheless, as to this day, I do find it inspiring. Whilst Nate could barely talk, he was able to comprehend the process and committed to it wholeheartedly.