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Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit £19.95 + p&p




The Dummy Fairy Workshop  The easy way to ditch the dummy

The Queen of the Dummy Fairies



The Dummy Fairy Workshop  ditching the dummy should be fun, easy and magical


Can we help your toddler ditch the dummy? Yes we can!

When my son Nate was two and a half, we noticed his speech was a little slow. After a consultation with our dentist, I knew that we had to get rid of the dummy! Surprised at how anxious that made me feel as a parent, I set about finding a fun way to deal with the issue. Although I'd seen Supernanny Jo Frost use "The Dummy Fairy" on her tv show, I felt the process lacked a certain sparkle. I suddenly thought ... What would Christmas be without the anticipation of Santa's arrival down the chimney? How could I get my child to look forward to a visit from The Dummy Fairy in the same magical way? I borrowed a sprinkle of fairy dust from Father Christmas, analysed its DNA, cloned it and hurled it with love at The Dummy Fairy... it worked. It was so simple, but it actually worked!!!

We believe that ditching the dummy should be FUN, EASY & MAGICAL, both for parent and for the child. We believe that when a child is coersed into doing something they don't want to do, they are more likely to resist. Should the child, gently guided by the parent, make the decision to ditch the dummy themself, they are more inclined to not only see the process through, but enjoy it also.

Children all over the world are so surprised & excited to learn that The King / Queen of The Dummy Fairies knows so much about them. As you read the letter to your child, they can't believe that the Fairy knows about their favourite toys, their brother or sister, their favourite dummy, and "look Mummy, that's MY picture!"

All you have to do is use your imagination and encourage your child to do the same. I provide the tools. It's up to you to tap into your inner fairy and make it as magical as possible.

So ... what are you waiting for. Personalise your kit. Let's do it!