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Sometimes a letter like this makes what I do all the more pleasurable. I do like to help! :-)


Female Child : 5yrs old

Hi Alison

I felt I had to write as I purchased the dummy fairy kit for my daughter Bo back in June 2013 and have sat on it ever since.... I never really felt it was the right time 'for her' and recently having started school and having an understanding that her friends no longer had dummies etc. it had become a real sticking point with her. I decided that I'd go for it whilst here in France on our holidays at my mum's.

Basically to take her away from her home environment and habits that usually mean as soon as she walks in our house at home she wants her dummy and bunnies! Prior to coming out a week ago, Bo asked when the fairy would visit her and then she asked to write to her. We wrote a letter and Bo asked if she would travel to France to take her dummies and amazingly enough 5 days after posting her letter (to her grandpa - unbeknown to her!), she got her dummy pack on the doorstep, which we bought to France.

A week ago, we placed all her dummies she had bought in her bag under the cherry tree, read her poem and she said a prayer..... she found an Elsa doll gift in the tree to go to bed with that night and in the morning got another pressie (not to mention the following 2 mornings from me also!). Alison, If i'd have known it would be this simple I would have done it two years ago.

How can they have such a habit and after 24hrs be a completely different child???? I will never know. She's grown up tremendously in the last week, never asks for it and it's as though she never had it. Truly amazing.

So Alison I have a massive THANKS to say to you.... such a simple thing but for her it was magical and the way it fitted in to her getting the ball rolling was just wonderful. I will never forget her facial expressions when realising there had a been a visit and her gifts were strewn with magic dust!!! Just brilliant.

I'll shut up now but I simply couldn't have done this without you and really if Bo knew the truth she'd thank you too. With much love and thanks from a very relieved mother who honestly thought we'd have a dummy in her mouth until the ripe age of 13!!

Jo xx













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"As experienced practising dentists, an on-going problem has been to get children to stop sucking their dummies.  A big part of this is the psychology of why children suck their dummies and how best to persuade them to stop.  The eventuality of the situation is that if they don't, it may cause permanent damage to the occlusion resulting in more complicated orthodontic treatment.

We honestly believe that using The Dummy Fairy Workshop will go a long way.  Children can identify with the process and indeed be persuaded / encouraged in a kind and caring manner to stop this habit.  It is a cost effective and original idea that is non-invasive and patient friendly on all levels. It has to be given the thumbs up and we look forward to experiencing the beneficial results of a truly good idea."

Dr. Claudia Benjamin & Dr. Wayne Hirschowitz
Oasis Dental Care Bushey www.oasisdentalcare.co.uk



"What a great idea. The Dummy Fairy Workshop has been used by children in our day care with great results.    Highly recommend it"

R. Quint. Nursery Manager at Bright Horizons, Hertfordshire



"I strongly recommend the kit to all parents who are struggling with ditching the dummy. It’s perfect. I still can’t believe it, to be honest, even as I’m writing this." Read the full review.


"Although they’re only 23 months old they did understand a lot of what I said and we all enjoyed getting the bags ready for the Queen of the Dummy Fairy to collect whilst they slept. I love the personal touch that the letter has." Read full review.


Hi Alison,
How lovely you remember me. Yes my last little granddaughter has reached the time to say goodbye to her precious little dummy. Thank you so much for making it up so quickly.  We do appreciate it.
Poppie is now 5 and such a lovely little girl. We have been talking about when she gave her dummy to the fairy and she tells her sister how she will be ok.  What precious memories you have given us. We will always talk about the Dummy Fairy and how much she helped us through what could have been such a difficult time.
Brenda ( Nannie)

B. Page, Leicester


I just wanted to thank you so much for The Dummy Fairy Workshop :o) 

Sofia was SO dependent on her dummies I was actually too frightened to take them away, but on Sunday evening we did it!!  What a success... I will definitely be ordering a pack for Olivia.

I am just over the moon and so proud of her.  She does ask now and again for a dummy and I just say remember the babies have them now and she says 'oh, ok then'.  Phew. Before she would scream down the house if I said dummies are for bed time!  We had a great time with the fairy dust and running round the house checking under all the beds and units, making sure we didn't miss any :o)

Olivia is only 11 months - but I can assure you I will not be waiting until she is almost 3 this time.  Wish I had done it months ago with Sofia.

Many thanks, Kathryn

K. Norremark, Denmark


"It's been brilliant!! She cried going off to sleep for the first two nights & wanted me to stroke her hair to go off. But she knows they have gone now & doesn't even ask for it. We had lots of fun searching round the house for all the dummies. She's obsessed with the postman at the moment so getting to send her very own letter was very exciting! I will definitely recommend The Dummy Fairy Workshop in the future. Many Thanks."

Katie Hulin, Essex


"We put the dummies out on Friday night and sprinkled the fairy dust and the fairy came with a big present as promised. Jack was enthralled and excited about the whole thing! Friday night, we had two hours crying and lots of asking for dummies. Saturday and Sunday we had an hour of crying but no requests for dummies and he hasn't even mentioned them in the car, so thank you! I think the days of dummies are over! (except for our 12 weeks old who I'm sure the Dummy Fairy will visit in the future!). Many, many thanks."

Liz & Jack, Derbyshire


"Our daughter was very excited when she received her Kiddie’s Kit and wanted to look at everything straight away. She opened the letter and as we read it to her, she was so excited that The Queen was coming to see her. She put lots of stickers and drew pictures on her reply card and couldn’t wait to post it back to your workshop.
I was very pleased and impressed with the quality and the content of The Magical Bits ‘n’ Bobs Kit. I didn’t expect it to have so much detail and it arrived in pristine condition.
The instructions that arrived in the Parent’s Kit were very clear. We thought it was a great idea to award Megan with a certificate of her achievement. She now has it on her bedroom wall and very proudly shows her friends what she has done. 
I am glad that we have finally got rid of it.  It was nice to tie all the tags on her presents and prepare the bag for her, and finally bin the dummy! 
It has been so worth it.  We still refer back to the Dummy Fairy, and look out at the window for her, and Megan still tells people that she gave it to the Fairy. We never gave in and she does not have a dummy anymore.
As the package bought a magical experience for Megan (which she would not have had if I just simply took the dummy from her), I think the process would have been a lot harder for her. She really believed the Fairy truly took the dummy to give to other babies that needed them.
I’m really pleased and impressed with the whole experience and will be recommending your web site to other parents who are also in the same situation with their children. Thank you so much."
Mrs. S. Tokely, Aylesbury


"Dear Dummy Fairy,
I recently purchased a Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit for my little girl. I'd had no end of trouble getting her to give up her Dummy and thought I would give the Dummy Fairy Workshop a go. It was such a success and so very exciting at the same time; from the moment we received our envelopes in the mail to the bright colours and beautiful packaging, right down to sprinkling the Fairy Dust, which is still there 2 weeks later as I am not allowed to wipe it off. It was all taken so seriously. Putting her bag out and checking it in the morning was right up there with The Easter Bunny and her Santa Sack on Christmas Day. Squeals of laughter and excitement and NO MORE DUMMY! Would recommend to anyone. A big thank you to the Dummy Fairy and the Dummy Queen."

Anita Ragenovich, Gold Coast, Australia


"We found the idea of The Dummy Fairy Workshop absolutely invaluable when we were trying to get our son to give up his blanket (which he had used every night from 3 months to 5 years old). He was enchanted by the idea and has not looked back since... would whole-heartedly recommend it to other parents."
E. Roncarati, London


I just wanted to send some feedback about our visit from the dummy fairy. Ruairi loved all the excitement and was so pleased that he was being a big boy helping the babies. Since the visit we had a couple of brief mentions of the dummy but they were quickly forgotten and there have been no issues since. I wish we had done it months ago. Thank you so much!

Rachel Stewart


"Hello, Just letting you know that Isabella successfully gave up her dummies. Thank you for all your help. Regards, Sally"

Sally Briggs-Price, Nottinghamshire